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What are cookies and how does this web site use them?

This page provides information about how this web site uses cookies. If you visit our web site and your browser is configured to accept cookies, this will be considered as permission for this web site to use cookies.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are small files sent by the web sites your visit and registered into your computer. Cookies are stored in the files directory of your browser. The next time you will visit the same web site, your browser will read such cookies and will transmit the information it contains back to the web site. If you wish to learn more about cookies you may visit, for example, the web site allaboutcookies.org.

Why does this web site use cookies?

This web site uses cookie per offrirti un'esperienza più funzionale. Puoi navigare senza interruzioni, ad esempio ricordando la lingua e il Paese selezionati e preservando l'autenticazione alle aree riservate del sito. Li usiamo anche per tracciare la provenienza dei visitatori e di associarla i modo aggregato alla loro registrazione o ai loro ordini a fini statistici. Visualizza le tue opzioni per la gestione dei cookie nel capitolo successivo.

How can I manage cookies?

You can check the available options to manage cookies in your browser. Your browser can be used to manage cookies related to base functions and to web site usage experience improvement. Different Browsers use different methods to disable cookies, but you can usually find them uner the Tools > Options/Settings menu. You can also look at the Help menu of your browser.

This web site uses cookies managed by third parties for several goals, that can be, for example profiling of web site visitors to propose them customized advertising, aggregate or not logging of activities of web site visitors for statistical purposes, etc. You can decide to opt-out from certain advertising cookies managed by third parties though their web sites, in cases they allow it. If you delete cookies from your browser you might need to reinstall them later in order to recover the functions provided through them. Find below the list of web sites or companies who can manage cookies on your browser while you browse this web site:

AddThis (niepełnosprawny)
Bestshopping.com (niepełnosprawny)
Google Analytics (niepełnosprawny)
Google Consent Mode ad_personalization (niepełnosprawny)
Google Consent Mode ad_storage (niepełnosprawny)
Google Consent Mode ad_user_data (niepełnosprawny)
Google Consent Mode analytics_storage (niepełnosprawny)
Interferenza s.r.l. (niepełnosprawny)
Login with Facebook (niepełnosprawny)
Login with Paypal (niepełnosprawny)
Pinterest share button (niepełnosprawny)
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Whatsapp share button (niepełnosprawny)

By disabling cookies, some parts of this web site could not work correctly.

How long do we store informations in your cookies?

It depends on the type of cookie. Session cookies expire when you close the browser. Persistent cookies have a very long expiration time that can extend up to severl years.



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