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Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky


Known above all as the first and greatest exponent of Abstractionism, in his artistic life which began in 1896 he gradually embraced Expressionism and Surrealism.

We are therefore talking about an artist who was a key figure in the art of the '900, as in his 40 years of career has made a significant contribution to the emergence of different artistic currents and cultural initiatives related to art.

Born in Moscow in 1866, where he graduated in law, Wassily Kandinsky later moved to Munich, and then returned to Russia, where among other initiatives he also created the Institute for Painting Culture and the Academy of Art Sciences.

After having seen from afar a painting by Monet representing a sheaf of hay, his ideas on art began to evolve and during a stay in France he devoted himself to the study of Seurat, Matisse, Gauguin and Van Gogh. Later he began to conceive the space of representation as a place where lines, dots, colours and surfaces can be found, a thought that also became a particular method of work, as the artist produced several works at once, creating series.

In his works, Wassily Kandinsky associates colours with a spiritual side, as he sees a very close link between the work and the spiritual dimension, and he believes that colours can have two different effects on the viewer: a physical one, more superficial, and a psychic one, connected to the soul of the observer.

The artist focuses mainly on primary colours and believes that a pictorial composition is formed by colour and form, which cannot exist separately, he also gives each colour created a meaning, a sense and a sound.

There are many works by Wassily Kandinsky, but what is most impressive is his influence in other artistic currents, such as when he founded the association "The Blue Knight" that supports the Impressionists of the time or when his works from abstract geometric and lyrical become rich in objects and beings typical of surrealism: fantastic animals, lives in formation, embryos, etc.

Considered the first abstract painter, after experimenting with different pictorial styles through various phases beginning with Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Impressionism and Surrealism, the art of Wassily Kandinsky focuses mainly on abstractionism, which for the artist is a continuous inner search, observable in his many works that often have simple names, to witness his many experiments that are a combination of form, colour and music, as he defined them.

Music has always been taken into account in his paintings and each work is like a different melody, found in the colours and shapes that appear harmoniously, ready to offer physical and mental emotions to the viewer intent on capturing what this singular painter has tried to convey.

Today his paintings are exhibited in numerous museums around the world and they are invaluable. An innovative and great scholar of art, Wassily Kandinsky is one of the most complete painters who have influenced contemporary painting trends.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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