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Some famous paintings hide secrets ...

Some famous paintings hide secrets ...


So many paintings that we admire in museums and that we know for their fame hide secrets that few people know. Here are some famous paintings that have a history which is actually different from the one we know or that are full of mysteries:

The Mona Lisa may have lost a few teeth

According to the American art specialist Joseph E. Borkowski, the Mona Lisa, the woman represented in this very famous painting by Leonardo, did not have many teeth in the front of her mouth. The hypothesis launched by the American scholar came after a careful analysis of the work that shows some small marks near the lips, signs that together with the woman's expression are typical of those who have lost part of their teeth in the front part of the mouth. 

Malevich's "Black Square" is neither black nor square

According to what was discovered, Kazimir Malevich's famous work "The Black Square" actually has a shape that is not square, as the sides are not parallel to each other and neither are the edges of the frame. Not only that, apparently the "black" is not really black: the artist did not use pure black paint, but a mixture of colours. The reasons for these choices are not well known, but some critics argue that it is the desire to give more dynamism to the work.

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" by Gauguin should be looked at from right to left

We are talking about one of Paul Gauguin's most famous paintings. Although it is very well known, not everyone is familiar with some of the peculiarities of this painting: it is an allegory of a man's physical and spiritual life and it must be looked at from right to left. In fact, in the lower right corner you can see a new-born baby and then on the left the inevitable death of the man is depicted. 

Painted in Tahiti while Gauguin was searching for himself, this painting was the painter's will, who had also tried to commit suicide with arsenic, surviving after having missed the doses. After making this painting, the painter experienced another period of success.

Klimt's "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" marked the end of the artist's story with his mistress

Klimt's famous painting depicts the wife of the Austrian tycoon Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer; the woman had been posing for the artist for some time and she became his mistress. What is not known to many is that the husband, aware of the relationship between the two, in order to take revenge and hoping that the interest between the two would wane, ordered the painter hundreds of sketches of the same picture. Indeed, over the years the artist began to distance himself from the woman and the relationship ended.

The yellow colour that prevails in Van Gogh's "Room in Arles" has a different meaning from what was previously thought

According to many critics and specialists, the yellow that predominates in Van Gogh's painting, made during his stay in Arles, was not a choice to symbolize safety and comfort, but only a side effect of the therapy that the artist followed to treat epilepsy and therefore it represented the desire for sleep and rest.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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