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Love paintings

Love paintings


The representation of love in art is highly appreciated in all its forms and below you can read about 5 paintings that have marked different eras, beloved paintings that are invaluable.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Much appreciated all over the world and loved by the same author as well, The Kiss is a sweet painting of a rare beauty, influenced by Art Noveau and by the Arts and Crafts movement. In the work you can see two lovers embracing and kissing each other, both wrapped in colourful clothes and bathed in a delicate but intense light.

The embrace by Egon Schiele

Made in 1917, this painting represents a man and a woman who embrace each other, but also the loneliness of those who live without love. The colours in this painting are few, a targeted choice to clearly show the two lovers who are taking refuge in an embrace, away from the harsh world. The folds of the sheet are very evident, the brushstrokes are particularly nervous and the hair very wavy:  these details increase the perception of involvement of the two lovers.

Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee

One of the most beautiful love paintings is the representation of Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee. In the world of art this painting is highly appreciated, as it is perfectly executed, romantic and ideally representing the balcony scene in which the two lovers of Verona embrace and kiss each other passionately. 

The Lovers by René Magritte

One of René Magritte's most beautiful paintings is this Surrealist work representing a couple whose faces are covered by a veil. The couple kiss and embrace each other symbolically. Various hypotheses have been made about the reason for this choice, but the most probable thesis is that the artist wanted to show that love is blind.

The kiss by Francesco Hayez

The last selected painting is perhaps the most beloved of the paintings depicting love. Let's talk about Hayez's Kiss, a painting in which everything is focused precisely on the kiss and not on the couple in general. In this case, the kiss assumes an even more important value, as it also represents the birth of Italy and through this canvas the painter tells a complex story, passionate, but hidden. The faces of the two protagonists are covered, he is intent on leaving, as if he were to run away, while the girl's hand holds the lover in a delicate way, as if she were aware of the fact that she should soon let him leave. 

We are therefore talking about a romantic painting, passionate but at the same time able to make us perceive the political situation of the time, which was tumultuous. This is one of the most beautiful love paintings in art history, a painting depicting a passionate "goodbye" or a "farewell".

Rich in delicate colours, painted in a passionate way and capable of kidnapping you, the paintings depicting love are posters that make you dream, transport you to a world far from everyday life, from worries and allow you to know the artist in a deep way even from an intimate point of view.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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