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Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam: the 7 most beautiful paintings

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam: the 7 most beautiful paintings


Among the most popular destinations for art lovers there is Amsterdam, full of museums that host priceless works of art. Among them there is also the Van Gogh Museum, which houses about 200 paintings and over 500 prints. Here are the most beautiful paintings signed by the Dutch painter, kept at this highly visited museum: 

Sunflowers - 1889

Surely one of the most famous paintings kept at the Van Gogh Museum is this beautiful canvas belonging to the series of works that the artist painted in Arles. Cadmium yellow is the colour that prevails throughout the image, the brushstrokes are dense and rough. In the canvas the artist represented sunflowers in every phase of the flowering and today this masterpiece is one of the most appreciated and one of the most famous.

Almond blossom - 1890

Another popular painting is "Almond blossom", a picture made by the artist on the occasion of the birth of his nephew Vincent. The work was created during the period in which the painter was hospitalized at the psychiatric facility of Saint Paul-de-Mausole and the branch represented in the picture was one of the images that Van Gogh could see from his window. Delicate and inspired by the Japanese prints that the artist loved so much, this painting is among the most reproduced among those made by the Dutch painter. 

Self-portrait as a painter - 1887/1888

This is the last work made by the painter during his stay in Paris. In this picture the painter appears thoughtful and sad, while the colours are pure, not mixed, which is a decidedly modern aspect; moreover, the combination of blue and orange predominates. 

Irises - 1890

In this very famous painting, we can observe one of the painter's first experiments in which he combined yellow and purple, obtaining an exciting effect of both nuances. Created during his stay at the Saint-Rémy asylum, the painting is now housed in the museum dedicated to the artist, where it is admired by millions of visitors every year.

The Potato Eaters - 1885

The Van Gogh Museum also houses the Dutch artist's first masterpiece, a painting depicting a poor Dutch peasant family feeding on the fruits of the earth. The painting is dominated by brown colours and although today it is considered a priceless masterpiece, when it was painted the artist was harshly criticized by his contemporaries.

Garden with courting couples - 1887

In this case the painter used a free variation on the technique of Pointillism, characterized by fine brushstrokes, of variable length and shape. The final effect is radiant as a spring day; one perceives a certain serenity that can rarely be seen in the artist's works and according to many critics this is due to one of the few serene periods experienced by the artist, probably also because of his relationship with Agostina Segatori.

Vincent's bedroom in Arles - 1888

This painting represents the painter's room during his stay in Arles. Made while waiting for Gauguin, this canvas was damaged during a flood, but was later recovered and now it can be admired in the museum dedicated to the painter in Amsterdam. The deformed perspective and the peculiar colour combinations are the most particular aspects of this work.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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