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A drawing by Egon Schiele was purchased for a few dollars

A drawing by Egon Schiele was purchased for a few dollars


Buying a drawing or a painting made by a great artist for a few dollars is certainly not something that happens every day, on the contrary, it seems impossible that such a fact could happen. Yet, in New York, amidst so many things that were found at a charity market, a man found an original drawing by Egon Schiele that he bought for a few dollars, but which is actually worth 100,000 dollars.

It is a pencil sketch of a naked woman, a work created in the typical style of Egon Schiele, one of the greatest exponents of the expressionist current of the early '900.

The news of this successful venture was spread when the buyer of the design contacted the director of the Galerie St. Etienne in New York, Jane Kallir, for an evaluation. Precisely the mysterious buyer initially contacted the director of the gallery sending her a blurred photo of the drawing made by Egon Schiele. As soon as she saw the photo, Jane Kallir had no doubts about the authenticity of the work, but she asked the anonymous buyer for more images, so she could analyse the drawing in greater depth and evaluate the authenticity of the work in a secure way.

For almost a year, the man who bought this drawing for a few dollars has not been around, but recently he contacted the director again and, in addition to sending more photos of the drawing, he also had the drawing examined live. Later, Jane Kallir not only established the authenticity of the work, but also provided details of the pictorial session in which the sketch was made.

It has therefore been established that this is a drawing dating from 1918, so it was created shortly before the artist died, when Egon Schiele, who was suffering from Spanish fever, made about 20 pencil drawings. It is a series of drawings whose subjects are the artist's mother and a nude model, works which are currently on display at the MET in New York, and in Vienna, at the Leopold Museum.

As mentioned above, the design purchased for a few dollars is actually worth 100.000 dollars and is currently on display at the St. Etienne Gallery, at the exhibition "The Art Dealer as Scholar" and it is on sale. In the event that the Austrian artist's drawing is sold for the sum of 100,000 dollars as established, the owner, who thanks to a good deal of luck has paid for the work only a few dollars, has expressed a willingness to donate part of the proceeds to the association Habitat for Humanity. It is the same charity that organized the market in Queens where the anonymous lucky buyer found and bought this design.

Curiosity: in 1990 the Galerie St. Etienne was the first to publish a complete collection that included sketches and watercolours made by Egon Schiele, expressionist painter who often represented scenes of anguish and erotic ones in his works. In fact, even this drawing depicts a twisted woman and it is clearly visible the typical style of the artist who used to express his inner conflict through his drawings.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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