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The most expensive paintings ever

The most expensive paintings ever


We know that paintings can reach a very high value, but among all, which are the most expensive paintings ever? Here is the ranking made by Telegraph:

1- Gauguin: Nafea faa ipoipo

Made during one of Gauguin's trips to Tahiti, “Nafea faa ipoipo” or "When will you marry?" is the most expensive painting in the world, sold by a Swiss collector to Qatar for as much as 300 million dollars. It was painted in 1892 and represents two women of Polynesian origin.

2- Paul Cezanne: Card Players

Made between 1890 and 1895, Cezanne's "Card Players" is the second most expensive painting ever, it is kept in the Musée d'Orsay. What’s the price? 250 million dollars and once again it was Qatar that bought the work.

3- Mark Rothko: N.6 (purple, green, red)

To buy this painting, a Russian billionaire named Dmitry Rybolovlev paid 186 million dollars, bringing this painting to third place in the ranking of the most expensive paintings ever.

4- Pablo Picasso: the women of Algiers

Created by Picasso in 1955, "The Women of Algiers" is a painting sold in 2015 for 179 million dollars and until that year this was the most expensive painting sold at auction.

5- Jackson Pollock: No 5

Sold in 2006 by tycoon David Geffen, this painting by Jackson Pollock, one of the leading exponents of abstract expressionism, was bought for 140 million dollars.

6- Willem de Koonin: Woman lll

Sold in 2006 by the magnate David Geffen, this painting by Willem de Koonin was bought by Steven Cohen for 162 million dollars.

7- Pablo Picaso: The Dream

This painting was also purchased by Steven Cohen, in 2013, for 158 million dollars.

8- Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer

Created in 1907 by Gustav Klimt during his "golden period", this painting was sold in 2006 for 158 million dollars.

9- Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of Dr. Gachet

It is a painting representing the doctor who treated the artist during his last months of life, sold in 1990 to an art dealer in Tokyo who bought the work on behalf of a Japanese industrialist named Ryoei Saito. Price: 155 million dollars.

10- Francis Bacon: Three studies of Lucian Freud

At the last place in the ranking of the most expensive paintings of all time we find this picture by Bacon, realized in 1969, which was sold for 142.4 million dollars.

These are the 10 most expensive paintings ever, but there are many works that come close to the prices just mentioned for the listed works, such as "Dance at the Moulin de la Galette" by Renoir, made in 1876 and worth about 127 million dollars; "Boy with a pipe" by Picasso which is now worth about 117.6 million dollars or "Iris", the famous painting by Van Gogh which currently has a value of about 101 million dollars.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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