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Pop Art and its major exponents

Pop Art and its major exponents


Prints, comics, posters: Pop Art is liked and appreciated more and more. Unlike a few decades ago and the past centuries when artists mainly depicted landscapes, emperors and saints, Pop Art has revolutionised the way we see and represent art. Commonly used supermarket products, comics and actors increasingly replaced the objects and characters of the past, bringing an air of lightness to the art world.

The economic boom in the 1960s in the USA and the resulting unbridled consumerism also contributed to the fame of this movement. In these years, idols and the beauty of art were not worshipped as before in museums and churches, but on billboards and on television. Lichtenstein and Warhol were among the first artists to portray this change, the birth of this trend, through their works and since then, Pop Art has become unstoppable. Let's take a look at the main curiosities concerning this artistic current thatis still very popular today.

The main exponents of this artistic style

Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Thure Oldenburg are the pioneers of this artistic movement which spread rapidly throughout the world in the 1960s.

What Pop Art is

Pop Art is an abbreviation of Popular Art and represents the mass movement, indicating that it is an artistic movement that draws inspiration from commonly used, popular objects. The cinema, television, actors, actresses and even grocery shelves and supermarkets were and are the main protagonists of this artistic movement, which is also characterised by bright colours.

It is a current that contrasts with abstract expressionism.

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