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Legendarte prints and reproductions

Legendarte prints and reproductions


You know, sometimes I look around and I would like to bring some beauty where there is none. More and more greyness and too much white everywhere it saddens not only houses and environment but also the souls. I've always liked colours: I've been living among them for years, among marble dust and pigments scattered all over the place.

You know I've always been melancholic, and these dark days don't help me to think positive things. The other day, as I turned my mind to these thoughts, somebody rang at the door. Already thinking it was another bill to pay, I opened and instead I found a big package at the door. I opened with my cat helping me and I discovered a great reproduction of the painting that I frescoed years ago: the hand of the Eternal Father reaching out towards that of Adam.

It is a high-quality print from LegendArte of 120×80 cm, on canvas. The cool thing is that not only the colours are tested to withstand UV rays without any problems, but the canvas is also washable, so if it gets dusty over the years, a damp cloth is enough to clean it.

I didn't even have time to look at the canvas, which has arrived already on the frame that supports it, that my alter ego took it and placed it in the bedroom. I must say that it looks pretty good there.

LegendArte offers not only this type of high-quality prints on canvas with reproductions of my works and those of other famous artists, but also original paintings, vintage prints on metal, particularly decorative clocks and much more. I invite you to take a look at the brand's website: you will surely find something interesting to decorate your home, your office or any place such as bars and restaurants.

By the way, the big red cat on the bed is called Napoleon: it seemed right to introduce him to you to give him his minute of celebrity.

Your always Michelangelo Buonarroti (by Antonietta Bandelloni )

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