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Frida Kahlo: curiosity about the life of the artist

Frida Kahlo: curiosity about the life of the artist


Frida Kahlo's charming and eccentric personality has always exerted a certain fascination among art lovers (and not only) and this style icon, as well as an undisputed feminist who has led an eventful life even when fate has raged against her, has left us unique works, appreciated all over the world, but there are some curiosities about the life of this internationally renowned artist that not everyone knows. Here are the most relevant ones:

Frida Kahlo was not her full name

Although the artist is known by this name, she was actually called Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo and Calderón. It is definitely a very long name, so probably the actress preferred to use only the name Frida and the surname Kahlo for practicality and personal preference.

The origins of her typical costume

Frida loved to wear a typical costume that can be seen in many self-portraits and not only. The origins of these clothes can be found in Tehuantepec, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where wearing this costume is a tradition among local women, called Tehuana.

She was bisexual

In her life, Frida Kahlo had relationships with both men and women and the artist had no problem talking about her bisexuality.

Her artistic side manifests itself during her convalescence

While she was a medical student, Frida Kahlo had an accident that caused her several traumas, including some to her spine, pelvis and right leg. It was during the convalescence period that her artistic side emerged, while she spent periods full of physical pain and loneliness.

More than a third of her works are self-portraits

Out of 143 masterpieces by Frida Kahlo, 55 are self-portraits. Instead "Marco" is the first painting belonging to a Mexican artist of the twentieth century to have been purchased by the Louvre.

She was a declared communist

Both Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera were communists and had never hidden this orientation. Not only that, the couple hosted Leon Trockij during his escape from Stalin and apparently the painter also had an affair with this Russian revolutionary man.

In 2006, one of her paintings set a record for sale

According to the Latin American table, Frida Kahlo's "Roots" painting, in 2006 it set the record as the most expensive work, with 5.6 million euros.

Revolutionary from every point of view, strong and controversial, eccentric enough to attract the attention of any character of the early twentieth century, independent and passionate, Frida Kahlo is considered one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. Through her canvases, which she mostly executed in complete solitude, when she was forced to stay in bed for months after her accident, Frida represented all her physical pain, the state of mind that accompanied her, her fears and her desire to live and emerge despite the physical damage she suffered.

Article by: Aurora Caraman

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